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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oh, Is It Super Bowl Sunday?

OK, I do plan on watching the Super Bowl, but really only for the commercials. After much consideration, I've decided to root for the 49ers, based solely on the fact that I've been to San Francisco twice and Baltimore never. (You better believe I'm DVRing that Wives With Knives marathon, though.)

I can't figure out football to save my life. Seriously. I have some learning disability that seems to effect only my capacity to grasp the ins and outs of football. Hubs is currently in Europe on business, so he's not even here to field my inane questions about plays, calls, etc. During my four-year stint as a high school cheerleader, I became quite adept at faking my way through football games. I was always a couple seconds behind the other cheerleaders in celebrating our team's good plays. (As luck would have it, there weren't too many of those). Guess I was more of a cheerfollower in that sport. Thank goodness Son plays soccer. Now, that kind of "football" I get.

So, anyway, go 49ers!

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