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Monday, March 17, 2014


I retired from Trifecta weeks ago, but when I heard it was closing its doors this month, I thought I would link up once more.

Prior to discovering Trifecta in May 2013, I hadn't participated in an ongoing writing challenge. The prompts gave me a reason to look forward to Monday mornings and helped me overcome apprehension about sharing my fiction. I never placed on any editor-judged challenges, but was recognized during several community-judged challenges. Having fellow writers deem my work worthy of the winners' circle was a much-needed confidence boost. When I start doubting my writing ability, I can look back at those winning entries and remind myself that I must not totally suck.

Through Trifecta, I've connected with some ridiculously talented writers who just happen to be fabulous people. I would love to keep in touch. Look me up on Facebook. I guarantee you I am the only Ivy Daye Magner there.

I will always be grateful to Trifecta for the new friendships and the inspiration to put fingers to keys.

Did you really read all that? Wow. I hope you still have the energy to read my response to this week's prompt:

My tears satisfy your shrouded spite.
Ever eager to entertain my woes;
Astounded your double-edged advice
Flopped ... again.
Sweet lips.
Bitter heart.
While you’re rubbing my back,
Can you pull out that knife?


The prompt: write exactly 33 words including the include the word "satisfy" as defined below:
a : to make happy : please
b : to gratify to the full : appease



  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your work. Humorous or poignant, each one was a winner.

  2. I LOVE this! What an ingenuous use of the prompt word. And your use of juxtaposition is stellar. Very well-written.

  3. This is excellent. I loved the last line. I have enjoyed all of your work and I hope you'll continue writing after Trifecta closes. It makes me sad that they are closing since I only discovered them a year ago, if that. I have met wonderful people through their challenges. Congratulations on all your wins. All well deserved.

  4. Clever use of the prompt. The last line - ouch!

    I've enjoyed reading your work, and it does deserve recognition! I hadn't written for Trifecta in several weeks, so I didn't realize you'd retired - glad you came back :)

  5. Oh, dang, those last two lines! Absolutely fantastic. I have a hard time believing you could be apprehensive about your fiction, by the way. Well, that's not it, precisely - I understand the apprehension, but really, you have got solid legs to stand on, Ivy. Your writing is stellar.

  6. youch - but wonderfully done!

  7. Loved the clever ending! Yours is one of the names I will miss when I think about Trifecta! I have always loved ALL your entries, but i get what you mean about encouragement and support from fellow writers especially the ones wenadmire. I will still read here because of you!!!

  8. Ivy, I have missed you and your stellar writing! this piece is absolutely gorgeous... especially the last line. Glad to see you dear one.

  9. No, you don't suck. Trifecta made us all better writers... see you around, and good luck with your Mommy Contest... I think you are probably a good one.

  10. Leaving in the knife. He's a messy bastard as well.

  11. no one does love, betrayal mixing with copious amounts of humor like you Ivy.
    I love your words and I know that I'll be reading them after Trifecta because of our connection and friendship. I treasure, value (and envy) you in equal amounts girlfriend.

  12. Hehehe Wry as hell, Ivy! I keep imagining your next line: 'Oh, never mind, I'll do it myself.' < 3

  13. You have a way with words. Well done!

  14. "Shrouded spite" is so good, I keep coming back to it. You would think that spite would want to out, and it probably always does in the end, but it can often mask itself, flip, mutate into other areas. It's dark and chilling and blunt; I enjoyed this Trifecta piece, Ivy.

  15. Oh Ivy,had no idea you had retired from Trifecta- but then I had bailed out too,may be that was the reason but so glad to see you and read your amazing work again-hope we keep in touch:-) Re this piece-it is once again incredibly potent and love that last line-ooh!!No wonder I have been a fan of your writing <3

  16. I am unable to join your site(follow you-keep getting an error message-so do let me know how to keep you in my sights ;-)

  17. You most definitely do not suck, and you should know that your posts were eagerly anticipated reads for all of us. Thank you for linking up.


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