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Monday, December 2, 2013

All That Matters

“Seriously. How much do you love this little tush?” Kay is covering the baby’s freshly bathed bottom in kisses.

“Uh-huh.” I nod distractedly, digging in a box. Since we moved a week ago, I can’t find shit. “I’m about to go buy a new toaster so I can have a fucking piece of toast.”

Kay lets out an exaggerated sigh. She hates when I swear. Sometimes I do it to get under her skin when I can’t voice my frustration with her, with our situation.

“Can you not?” She points at the baby with her head.

“She’s three fucking weeks old,” I counter. I’ll pay for that later.

Kay is lying as close to the edge as possible. The baby is in the bassinet beside her. I rub Kay’s shoulder, hoping my simple act of surrender will close the gap between us. She turns toward me, searching my eyes for remorse.

“I’m sorry, Babe. You know how I get when I'm sleep deprived.”

Kay softens. She leans over to kiss me. I take this rare opportunity, reaching under her pajama top. Our bodies move closer. Just as things are heating up, she stops my hand from going inside her waistband.

“We don’t wanna wake her.”

I didn't realize how much a baby would change our lives. But after three miscarriages, Kay needed this. She’s happier than she's been in four years.

Besides, that girl clearly wasn’t ready to have a baby. She’s only in tenth grade, for fuck's sake. She has three siblings—all younger. The girl's mom can barely handle them, let alone help her with a newborn. So, really, I did them a favor. Right?

On the news, their house looked cleaner than I’d ever seen it. I saw the squalor whenever I delivered their packages. During the interview, the girl barely cried over Bella. Bella. She probably named her after that "Twilight" chick. I mean, come on.

Marissa—that's what we named her—deserves better. In the end, that's all that matters. Right?


This week's Trifecta Writing Challenge: The entry must be 33-333 words and include the word "tush" as defined below:

buttocks (slang)

Word count: 333


  1. Fantastic dialog and too fun. Was not prepared for the ending so great writing. I love black/dark/sneaky stuff as much as romantic and spicy. You do all of it so well. Congrats on the big win, darlin'!!!

  2. Great voice in this, Ivy. Love where you take it - it opens the story entirely. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh, I like this. The ending almost reminded me of a book I have, "Gone Baby Gone." Awesome!!

  4. Just when you're thinking, uh, three weeks, dude? BAM!
    Great dialog, and I love the justifications.

  5. This is absolutely delicious writing Ivy-I was so not expecting that end-great twist:-)

  6. I like how the focus shifts right in the middle regarding the baby and what brought her into their lives and how it changed everything for everyone. Fun read.

  7. Nice story how everything works out for the best for everyone. Everyone seems happy except maybe the sex deprived dad...which is typical. Despite that, even he is happy because she is happy.

  8. Whoa, this is such layered, incredible writing, Ivy. Really well done. It took me reading through it a couple of times to catch the intricacies of the last two paragraphs. Brilliant!

  9. Reminiscent of Raising Arizona. I almost can't blame him. Twilight? Just no...

  10. Wow Ivy! I didn't see that coming. My mind was going one way and you turned it around so fast I didn't know what hit me. .....Great!!!

  11. I can't wait for all the Bella's to grow up haha

  12. Oh my... dark as it was, I can't help but find myself rooting for anyone that is against Twilight too. Antihero or not. Haha, that was the best bit.

  13. Ivy, In the end, what I see is that you wrote another seriously amazing story, my friend! This piece took me to a place I didn't expect-and that's what I love about your work. It never disappoints!! xx

  14. Great work, dear Ivy! Always inspired by the twists and great voice in your posts, friend.


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