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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Headmaster's Girls

When Headmaster Herberts started coming into my room less often, I knew he was quenching his lust elsewhere. Identifying his other victims wasn’t difficult: Lisa, the quiet junior who went from brainiac to self-harming goth burnout; and Kimber, the gorgeous Elizabeth Arden disciple turned sweats-wearing Plain Jane.

Martin Herberts targeted us “mega-richies.” We whose parents splurged on single dorm rooms—and anything else we thought we wanted—were the unhappiest girls on campus.

Unlike most pupils, I lived in the exclusive enclave where Chatham Boarding School for Girls was located. I couldn’t escape my Bogeyman on holiday breaks. So I stalked him instead. I’d developed a perverse desire to know where the devil bought his microwave-meals-for-one and lurked about ogling unsuspecting girls.

A month before my final Thanksgiving break, I approached Lisa and Kimber. Both readily admitted what our portly headmaster was doing to them—like they’d been waiting for someone to ask. We bonded quickly over shared wounds.

Getting their parents to let them spend the holiday with me was easy. (One less awkward home visit with the daughter they barely knew.) Of course, Lisa's and Kimber’s folks weren't aware my widowed father was in Bangladesh on business.

Our pathetically apathetic housekeeper mostly stayed in her room. The three of us spent the first night drinking and mocking our parents for "protecting our virtue" by sticking us in an all-girl school run by a predator. And then we got serious.

The evening after Thanksgiving, Kimber showed up on Herberts’s stoop. The headmaster cracked the door ... as if evil weren’t already inside. Kimber sheepishly explained she was staying with a friend, had taken a walk and gotten lost. Herberts widened the door for her. Lisa and I pushed in after.

What is this?” Herberts angrily caught my arm.

Lisa held the knife to his back. “Let her go.”

He obeyed, so Lisa withdrew. Kimber started to boo.

“Stick his fat ass,” she hissed.

“Patience,” I said, retrieving the duct tape from my backpack.

This week's Trifecta Writing Challenge: The entry must be 33-333 words and include the word "boo" as defined below:

(verb) to show dislike or disapproval of someone or something by shouting “Boo” slowly

Word count: 333


  1. OH Ivy, my Ivy. Perfect for a Halloween week.
    I want to sit with you and delve into that brain of yours, the stories it weaves are delicious.

    That Headmaster will be participating in some games he didn't devise.

    it was creepy and creative my friend. HIGH FIVE!

  2. This is so Halloween. Perfect and creepy, Ivy - another great entry from you, friend! High five again...(borrowed from Kir's comment) :)

  3. Ouch! This is really well written, Ivy. You have skills, for sure. Thanks for linking up.

  4. I like a story where the bad guy gets it in the end.

  5. I love how they work together to visit their revenge on him. Great story, Ivy!

  6. Great story ! I like it !

  7. Quite the revenge party you got going on here!
    Love the parenthetical "awkward home visit".

  8. Ah! Deliciously dark! I love your first-person voice.

  9. He sure had it coming!Loved it-I love when the underdogs give it back without flinching;-)

  10. You know it's not going to end well when the duct tape comes out. :)


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